LossRadar: Fast Detection of Lost Packets in Data Center Networks

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I am the first author of this paper. The evaluation part has both simulation and testbed evaluation. For the simulation, our goal is to evaluate how LossRadar performs (%capture and accuracy) under certain traffic distribution. So we first generate the per-hop packet-level record in ns3, and then we apply LossRadar to test the accuracy. We have all the packet-level records, so it is easy to reproduce the result. We did not publish the records because they are >20GB, but we are happy to share them with anyone who wants to reproduce it.

For testbed, our goal is to evaluate the loss detection delay and how it performs in improving flow throughput. We built the system in Deterlab, and modified Open vSwitch to support LossRadar. We've done the experiment 2 years ago, and submitted before. After the submission I started another project that has similar architecture with LossRadar, so I directly modified the OVS code. I did not use Github at that time, so the original code for LossRadar is lost. I am happy to help anyone who wants to reproduce the result, and tell him/her the details of my implementation in my mind.

Improving reproducibility is an important thing. I think one thing to keep in mind is that to always do the version control, and make separate code bases for different projects. 

Yuliang Li

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